Plastic Coil Binding

We use high-speed automatic punches that can handle your wire-0, plastic coil, and GBC comb binding projects, large or small. Semi-automatic twin loop wire binding, and plastic coiling systems assist in finishing books of all sizes.

Here are some useful tips to save you additional production costs & elongated schedules when planning your Plastic Coil and Wire-O projects.

  • Allow 3/16" trim off spine of signatures.
  • Use light perforation on head and spine (please do not over perforate which  could create gathering problems with signatures pulling apart).
  • Allow ¼ head, ¼ face, and ¼ foot trim.  Bleed in the appropriate bleeds 3/16 into the trim.   (Note) - These trims can be adjusted to accommodate web cut offs and different sheet size. Please advise if different trims are needed.
  • Signatures can be folded without a lap.
  • Grain of text should run parallel to binding edge. 

Below are the dimensions from edge of trimmed sheets to inside edge of the punched hole. Copy should be laid out to avoid this area.

  • √ Spiral Wire: 1/4" All Bulks
  • √ Plastic Spiral: 1/4" All Bulks
  • √ Wire-O: 1/4" Up to 7/16 bulk of book
  • √ Wire-O: 3/8" Over 7/16 bulk of book
  • √ GBC: 1/4" Up to 1" bulk of book
  • √ GBC: 3/8" Over 1" bulk of book

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