Perfect Binding & PUR Binding

We utilize a 24-pocket Muller Martini Perfect Binder equipped with a hand-drop station, 30 clamps, 3 glue pots, dual spine-prep grinders, and dual spine nipping stations.  Books are finished on our high-speed inline trimmer.  Each pocket of our collator is equipped with optical signature recognition to assist in quality assurances. 

We offer PUR adhesive as an option for your coated and non-traditional stocks, as well as digital work.


Here are some useful tips to save you additional production costs & elongated schedules when planning your Perfect Binding and PUR projects.


  • Allow 1/8" - 3/16" grind off on the spine of signatures.
  • Use light perforation on head and spine (please do not over perforate which could create gathering problems with signatures falling apart).
  • Allow ¼" head, ¼" face, and ¼" foot trim.  Bleed in the appropriate bleeds 3/16" into the trim.  Note- These trims can be adjusted to accommodate web cutoffs, and different sheet sizes. Please advise if different trims are needed.
  • On the first page of the first signature and last page of the last signature, please mask 3/16" area free of inks and coatings beyond the 1/8" grind for side glue application.
  • Mask back inks and coatings 1/16” on all other pages (excluding the first page and last page) beyond the grind off. This is done for purposes of better glue adhesion to the text stock.
  • Signature can be folded without a flap.
  • Grain of text should run parallel to binding edge.


  • On thin projects (1/8” spine thickness), spine may have a slight rounded effect.
  • Grain of cover must run parallel to binding edge.
  • Gatefolds should be well secured with head and foot tack falling beyond the trim size. Gatefolds should be a minimum of 1/8" short of face trim.  Note — In some instances the tack is not needed. Please consult on a job-by-job basis.
  • Flat covers should equal untrimmed signature size head to foot — plus 1/8" head and 1/8" foot for glue trapping. Please match trims and bleeds with signatures.
  • Minimum flat cover size for a perfect bound book must be at least 9-1/2 left to right.
  • On the inside gutter of the cover (if printed), please mask back inks and coatings where spine and side glue adheres. This dimension will be the bulk of book plus 3/16" front and 3/16" back for side glue.
  • If covers are UV coated, please note that you may experience some cracking of coating where spine wraps the book as well as where cover hinge scores are applied.
  • For any further specifications such as gatefolds, foldouts, special coatings, etc. Please call for further consultation.

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